There is just something very special and highly addictive about those Quizzicurl boys. If you have one, you MUST have another one. I fell in love as soon as I saw the first photo posted of Rambo by his breeder Christine Weber. He just had to be mine! And mine he is <3 Like his half brother Sir Lucan, Rambo is a very charming and loving boy. He is the clumsiest cat I have ever met, and he is a very big boy. 3,5 kilos at a little over 5 months, and 6 kilos by the age of 9 months! Rambo is a longhaired heterozygous Selkirk Rex, born 21.08.2018, his colour is seal colorpoint with white (SRL n 03 33). I am forever grateful to Christine Weber (Quizzicurl cattery) for letting me have the opportunity to love and be loved by my two Quizzicurl boys!

Rambo will be joining us at the catshows, and we hope that he will father us some nice kittens in the future!