DOB: 21.08.2018 BLOODTYPE: A PKD: N/N HEART: Will be heartscanned COAT: Heterozygous longhair COLOR: Seal colorpoint (carries chocolate, dilute) STATUS: Entire

There is just something very special and highly addictive about those Quizzicurl boys. If you have one, you MUST have another one. I fell in love as soon as I saw the first photo posted of Rambo by his breeder Christine Weber. He just had to be mine! And mine he is! Like his half brother Sir Lucan, Rambo is a very charming and loving boy. He is the clumsiest cat I have ever met, and he is a very big boy. 3,5 kilos at a little over 5 months, and 6 kilos by the age of 9 months! Rambo is a longhaired heterozygous Selkirk Rex, born 21.08.2018, his colour is seal colorpoint with white (SRL n 03 33). I am forever grateful to Christine Weber (Quizzicurl cattery) for letting me have the opportunity to love and be loved by my two Quizzicurl boys!