We have exciting plans for 2019:


NO*Chibinichi Alyona, the straighthaired girl from our first litter will be mated to IC Quizzicurl Sir Lucan january/february. All kittens will be longhaired and heterozygous for curl. Colors of kittens will be : black, blacksmoke or seal colorpoint.



Nala From Sham (BSH fs 11) and IC Quizzicurl Sir Lucan (SRL c) will be mated sometime during 2019. All kittens will be heterozygous for curl, kittens might be short- or longhaired and a variety of colors are expected. Both parents carry chocolate and colorpoint.



IC NO*Emlakiros Cilla Tingeling will be mated 2019. Information and pictures of chosen male will be announced later. From this litter all kittens will be longhair, all curly. Colors and patterns will be varied. We are hoping for beautiful torties and maybe a colorpoint or two….


IC NO*Chibinichi Anushka will be dating autumn 2019. Male to be announced. Hopefully this combination will bring us some very beautiful kittens. All kittens will be longhair, all curly. From this combination we can expect kittens of following colors : black, black smoke and seal (and smoke) colorpoints.