All our cats and kittens are considered valued members of our family. Our focus is finding the right home for each much loved kitten. Of that reason we have some requirements to our kitten buyers:

  • Learn as much as you can about the breed and think thoroughly through your decision about buying a kitten. Does this breed and this individual kitten suit your lifestyle?

  • You have to be able to provide the kitten a loving, safe and permanent home.

  • It is important that you have both the time and the financial situation to provide the kitten everything it needs on a daily basis.

  • Cats from NO*Chibinichi must have yearly vaccinations and health checks, and they shall recieve veterinary care when needed. Kittens sold as pets must be neutered between the ages of 5 and 10 months.

  • We highly recommend that you get a good insurance to cover unexpected veterinary bills.

  • We really appreciate recieving pictures and updates throughout your cat's life .


If you do decide to buy a kitten from NO*Chibinichi you can rest assured that the kitten has had the best possible start of it's life.
The parents of our kittens are always friendly and healthy cats, they are registered in NRR (FIFe), fully vaccinated, health checked and tested free for PKD before mating. 
We treat our kittens as equal family members, and from the age of around 4 weeks they grow up in our living room together with people of all ages, other cats and also two dogs.

It is very important to us that each individual kitten feels safe and confident. We spend a lot of time working with each kitten to make build their self confidence and prepare them for being independent. We also introduce the kittens to grooming and nail trimming.

When the kitten has moved to it's new home, we are always available to help our kitten buyers. Day or night- just give us a call if you need any help at all, it is a pleasure to us to be able to assist!

Kittens from NO*Chibinichi will not leave our home until they are at least 12 weeks old. By the time of departure the kitten will be registered in NRR, insured via Agria, health checked, dewormed, vaccinated and id-chipped. Kittens going abroad will also recieve rabies vaccination. 
Kittens are delivered with a starter pack consisting of food from Royal Canin, toys and a blanket with the smell from it's mother and siblings. The starter pack also includes a folder with all kittens papers: contract of sale, passport, pedigree, health certificate and information on insurance through Agria.

The price of kittens are:
12000,- NOK for cats for breeding 
9.000,-  NOK for cat as pet (and show)

A deposit of 3000,- NOK is to be paid upon reservation of a kitten, the rest to be paid at delivery