DOB: 12.09.2018 BLOODTYPE: A PKD: N/N HEART: Will be heart scanned COAT: Heterozygous longhair COLOR: Chocolate (carries cinnamon, dilute) STATUS: Entire

Amy is a true sweetheart. She is a longhair Selkirk Rex of chocolate color (SRL b). She is heterozygous for curl. Her personality is playful, brave and she loves all people and other cats. Amy is born in Russia 12.09.2018, at cattery Hermes run by Angela Savenko. We are very grateful to Angela for trusting us with this wonderful little princess. Amy currently lives on breeding terms with a very nice girl, Natalie, and her housecat Peter Pan.

We have high hopes for this girl for the future, both in shows and hopefully also as a breeding queen.